Dive Academy Red Sea
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Manuel BergeisenManuel Bergeisen
11:41 21 Feb 24
Danger!!!Better book with get your guide!!! Trips there are 60% cheaperThe best way to take a taxi is with Uber or the indrive appRead carefullyThree tips were booked at the exchange schoolThe first was a private boat tour of 3 hours on a glass bottom boatTotal rubbish!!! Paid 130 euros for two adults and two children... Wasted money!Boat did not correspond to the one offered in the book. The reef was totally bad, boring and hardly any fish during the siegeThe only nice thing was the nice skipper, thanks to the nice gentlemen.The sandbank called Magawish Island is a full 5 cm by 50 meters that extends out of the sea. Others would see this as an annoying obstacle for boats!!! It's nothing more...In front of the reef he drove over twice so that you could see two or three fish through the dirty and much too small window.... Supposedly it should be perfect for childrenSecond tripParasailing flight paid 40 euros for 12 minutesWhen we arrived at the boat, everyone was taken into the air for 3 minutes... We had paid 40 euros for one person, ended up flying as a couple without asking, it would have only caused stress... (rip-off) supposedly 40 euros per person!!!Then we flew, also for 3 minutes... When we got to the bottom, we held on to the glider and really stressed out... We were kindly pulled into the air a second time, again for exactly 3 minutesWe should clarify the rest with the sellerWhen we arrived on land, we went straight there and confronted everyoneAfter a long back and forth, we were assured of another 5 minute flight.Had a private tour the next day (no one was allowed to notice...)We were pulled flying for 12 minutes at a time with a lot of fun and passion.After a lot of stress, this was the best trip!!!Last trip wasBoat tour with several peopleThis was expensive at 90 eurosBut still quite nice and the crew was super nice for the whole family!Thanks to everyone again
Ed lexmondEd lexmond
11:25 16 Feb 24
Dear friends from diving centre Red Sea,Thank you for the amazing time we spend together! We did 3 days of diving with Emad, a very friendly and professional instructur.He teached my boyfriend very well how to dive and me as a divemaster could really enjoy every dive with them.We will deninitly come back and enjoy the good company and diving at your place!Thank you so much, stay safe and keep the good work going! 🙂
Karem AnwerKarem Anwer
15:39 12 Feb 24
16:50 18 Jun 23
The planned time was 8:30 a.m., departure was not until 9:45 a.m. The trip went to the first snorkeling spot, the equipment for the 2 divers on board was forgotten. We saw a beautiful reef as well as many different fish. Then we went to the second snorkeling spot, where the equipment for the divers was also found. There is also a very nice reef there and lots of fish. Afterwards there was a very tasty lunch on the boat and drinks throughout the day. Afterwards we were spoken to and said that there was strong wind today and a trip to Orange Bay was no longer possible, so they wanted to convince us to make a third stop for diving. But we were only there to snorkel and didn't want to dive. This has been tried to convince us several times. Then we were offered to come with us again the next day and then come to Orange Bay. This should then cost €55. But we had already paid for this day... After a long discussion it was suddenly possible. We drove to Orange Bay and there was hardly any wind. Then we were told we still had an hour left (the island was closing and we could barely get drinks). But 2 hours were booked, which you would have easily needed to see everything in peace.There were only a couple for diving and us (2) for snorkeling on the boat. I think that the fuel costs should simply be saved and that is why they wanted to foist such a diving stop on us.
19:26 29 Apr 23
As a family we spent a wonderful week of diving with the Hany and Dive Academy Red Sea team in Hurghada. Every day we went out by boat for two dives and were treated to a delicious lunch in between. The young helpers on the ship are all extremely helpful and courteous, the experienced diving instructors and guides speak English and some also other languages ​​such as German and Russian. We were at a new dive site every day and were always able to discover something new throughout the week. The prices are fair, equipment is well maintained and the boat “Layla” has all the necessary equipment for daily excursions. The easiest way to make a reservation is via WhatsApp with Hany (see website). Transfer from the hotel will be provided. We'll definitely be back! 🫶🐠🛥️🐬🤿
tiefen angsttiefen angst
18:05 31 Mar 23
I booked them because they had 150+ reviews with 5.0. First surprise was that they are not located where Google says but they're on the boat with minion-divers at the boat with the name Layla.Let's start with the positive parts, the boat is clean, in a good condition and the crew is super friendly and helpful. The food is good and tasty. Unfortunately that's it with the positive things. On the negative side you'll see the boat packed with 30+ people where most of them only do fun dives which of course also has an impact on the selection of diving spots which were mostly shallow.When I was there the water-temp was not higher than 23°C and they couldn't offer me a 5mm or 7mm suite but only a 3mm one plus a shorty which led to freezing cold dives. They also wanted to give me fins where you don't wear shoes in and that are typically more for snorkeling. I could convince them that I'd need proper shoes and fins.Our guide didn't had a buoy, his computers wristband was broken so he held it in his hands, I informed him that there were some bubbles at his first stage and at his gauge but he replied it's OK.At 3 of the 7 dives we didn't do any briefing at all.At 1 of the dives we did the opposite of what we agreed on the boat before.At 2 of the 7 dives I had to close the latch securing the tank of the guides BCD in the water cause he forgot it. I didn't check him at the boat cause I checked my buddy only and not the guide.At 1 of the 7 dives he couldn't find the boat and had to go to the surface twice to find it.The diving school said they will wash and dry the suits, BCDs and remaining equipment.We later found that the suits stay at the boat, nothing against this but the BCDs, shoes, regulators are stored wet, inside the boxes and in a small shed with no air circulation.One of the days I left my personal vest at the box hoping it gets wasted and dryed but it was still wet (and with that a little stinky) at the next day, same as the BCD and the shoes.At all other diving schools I was diving with I rented equipment and I was the only person using it throughout the time of rental.Here it happened that the fun-divers used my weight-belt and my suite while I had my break, fortunately that was at least not true for my regulator or BCD.There was a person on the boat who spent lots of money on equipment but the equipment didn't come with skills. When you saw her at the water you could have asked yourself if it was her first few days of diving and it looked like she was close to drowning when she came to the surface being the opposite of calm and relaxed. Still, instead of training with that person to help her gaining more practice and experience they sold her a nitrox course on top of her non-existing skills. To me that smells like having the focus too much on the selling side.So in summary, if you want to do your first dive you might get what you're looking for.In case you're an experienced driver I'd rather suggest a diving center with a focus that fits your expectations.
Dennis NonnastDennis Nonnast
13:11 13 Jan 23
Nice experience, had a super good time with Mohamed and Ahmed. They are great instructors and had a lot of patience with us. Definitely recommend the experience for beginners. We did the PADI Open Water Certificate at their school.
Meihui KangMeihui Kang
13:11 13 Jan 23
It was a wonderful experience!I learned so many from 3 days diving course. At first I knew nothing and made many mistakes. Ahmed and Mohamed are so patient and all the crew are so nice. The view underwater is amazing and they have best food!I really enjoy
Austina NavickaitėAustina Navickaitė
15:31 04 Nov 22
Amazing experience! Thanks for all amazing and helpful crew and especially Hany for marvellous first diving experience💙🤿🐠
Mikas PladisMikas Pladis
15:03 04 Nov 22
I had a blast!! The instructors were really profesional and helpful, the crew was so kind and polite and the overall experience was spectecular. Mad love for the main man onboard Haney. ❤️ 👏👌
Diana MoldovanDiana Moldovan
14:38 25 Oct 22
A very interesting experience...I will do again :).
Zhe LuZhe Lu
18:53 09 May 22
I spent five days diving with them, great boat and very helpful and friendly crew. So many good memories in these five days. I achieved my No. 100 dive, I swam and played with dolphins for 5 mins(lucky me). Thanks to my dive guide Naser, with 10➕ years experience he can always find special stuffs undersea, he also gave me useful diving tips which help my diving skills(buoyancy) improved. Thank you Hany (the big boss ) you made me feel home on your boat.
Fang XieFang Xie
12:56 01 May 22
Great experience with dive academy! It was relaxing diving experience while getting my certificate training. Good chef and food on board:-).
Buzz KillingtonBuzz Killington
07:10 01 Dec 21
We went with these guys our my first ever diving experience and found that they are a group of experienced, friendly and open-minded professionals.Would recommend. If you have the chance to have them as instructors, you are in good hands.Must try again! :)P.S. Still they have the beautiful Red Sea to work with, so they have (at least some) of their work cut out for them - but, seriously, they made a good impression on me. Good guys!
Ana BaldomirAna Baldomir
18:17 17 Oct 21
We did our Open Water Advanced Certification with the Dive Academy and it was a great choice! The team is very knowledgeable and professional, our instructor Ibrahim was very kind, patience and friendly, he took good care of us in every dive to ensure we understood the lessons and made the right practices.The diving spots were stunning, we have dives in many top places worldwide and the Red Sea will remain as one of our favorite ones.We spent wonderful 2 days in a boat with a team full of nice people! We also got a delicious lunch, it’s all well thought and design for you to enjoy.Thanks Hany and all the team and specially to Ibrahim for this great experience, we hope to come back soon.
Iulian DimaIulian Dima
13:51 29 Jun 21
Professional instructors and very beautiful spots for diving! Was a great experience!
Baboucar AmoahBaboucar Amoah
13:05 05 Apr 21
It was a perfect trip. We're able to see a lot of fish even dolphins.Lucky day 🙌🏻
Danijela NedimovicDanijela Nedimovic
21:44 16 Sep 20
Dive Academy Red Sea in Hurghada is warm recommendation for the beginners. Team of professionaliests and relaxing atmosfere on the boat will make your first dive to be easy, relaxing and wonderful experience. Also, it was amazing to investigate coral reef with colorful underwater world which I will never forget.Best regards to my instructor Hany and the whole diving team and kind boat crew,Danijela
Sharon SheadySharon Sheady
20:55 05 Nov 19
I am a qualified Ocean Diver and had 6 dives with Dive Academy in October 19. I had the best time!I was on a solo holiday and felt very comfortable and relaxed with the boat and dive staff. The divers shared the boat with the snorkelers and we had plenty of time to relax between dives. Lunch was ample with a great selection of food for everyone. Friendly professional team and will definitely dive with them again when I return to the Red Sea. 100% recommend!